2019 Westgate NBA Win Totals: Play or Pass?

We are getting ready for a Monday August 20, 2018 Grand Opening. I’m excited about this. So much so I will be posting the various member and premium member offers free of charge. Our friends at Westgate Race and Sports Book recently offered their NBA win totals and I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce you to a feature for premium members called Beat the Books Play or Pass.

I’m not much of a futures player but I know many of you do and there are some interesting opportunities to make “Cash with the Flash”.

Atlanta Hawks 23.5 wins

Prior to their 2018 campaign the Hawks made 10 consecutive playoff appearances. They finished at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with 24 wins. This roster might be better with the additions of Alex Len and Jeremy Lin but I suspect the Hawks will be tanking big time in 2019.

Play UNDER 23.5 wins.

Golden State Warriors 62.5 wins

Just when we thought the Warriors couldn’t get any better they added DeMarcus Cousins to a team that won 58 games last season. If the Warriors stay healthy they could win 70 games or they could coast and barely win 58 games. Too much volatility for my taste.


Houston Rockets 54.5 wins

The Rockets lost a couple of key players and yesterday signed Carmelo Anthony. Losing Trevor Ariza is going to hurt but this is a team that won 65 regular season games and damn near knocked off the Warriors. I don’t think 60 wins for this team is that much of a reach.

Play OVER 54.5 wins

Oklahoma City Thunder 50.5 wins

The Thunder managed 48 wins in 2018 and this 2019 roster looks much stronger with the additions of Nerlens Noel and Dennis Schroeder. They have the roster to win more than 50 but that will depend upon Russell Westbrook; will he chase stats instead of wins? I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole.


San Antonio Spurs 43.5 wins  

The Spurs managed 48 wins without Kawhi Leonard so what would lead anyone to believe they can’t do the same this season with All-Star Guard in his prime DeMar Derozan? In what world does that not happen?  I can’t believe Westgate gave us such a gift!!

Play OVER 43.5 wins

Portland Trail Blazers 41.5 wins

Portland won 49 games in 2018 and return the same core. The Blazers didn’t do much this off season and did lose Ed Davis but I think the low total has more to do with the Blazers getting swept in consecutive first rounds than it does with the Blazers ability to win regular season games. That being said I’m not touching this one.


Memphis Grizzlies 34.5 wins

The Grizzlies were horrible in 2018 but Mike Conley should be healthy and that right there is worth at least 10 wins. That gives them 32 wins and a more focused Marc Gasol and the additions of Garrett Temple and rookie Jaren Jackson Jr. should at least give them 35 wins amirite?

Play OVER 34.5 wins

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