Sports Betting 101: How a Heater Can be Dangerous

Our Beat the Books Free Play of the Day has been quite successful; it’s exciting to have an extended heater firing at a 66 percent clip. I’m happy I’ve been able to pick so many winners because those winners are putting money in our pockets.

Yes my friend a heater is fun to be on.

A heater can also be a very dangerous time and as evidenced by our recent two game MLB losing streak heaters don’t last forever.

Wait a minute Flash. You just said heaters can be dangerous. How on earth can putting more money in the pocket be dangerous?

Be honest; during a heater how many times did you do the following?

  • Raise the units on your bets
  • Play more games than you normally do because you feel invincible
  • Think you are ready to go pro, move to Vegas and get rich

Sure you did and I have done the same things too. Well, except for the Vegas part because I was already here for a job lol.

For me heaters aren’t dangerous because I practice something called Bankroll Management.

That means whether I am winning or not I play the same percentage of my bankroll on each and every Major League Baseball game.

That number for me is roughly 10 percent but your mileage may vary. I’m very comfortable with 10 percent but what that number looks like is totally up to you.

So, if my bankroll is 200 bucks I don’t play more than 20 bucks a game. I do this with every sport I wager on and it works for me.

I don’t know a single professional handicapper who doesn’t practice sound bankroll management. Professionals understand you need money to stay in the game. They also understand that sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint.

Good luck at the Books!!

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